Soapy Moon in a Steambath

random lines of recent journals, dropped, gathered, and restrunglike pearls or knuckles or green light bulbs in the chandelier pt II dream of head on collisionswake with a start on impactbreathless and gratefulslash piles like pimples dot the slopes and meadowstrails snake along the mounds left there to meander and dwindlemelt underneath a boulder or... Continue Reading →

60 in 2020: The Backwards Bucket List

1-20-20 I cannot escape who I am, or forget -- Patti Griffin A best friend of mine completed 60 never-done-before things the year she turned 60. It was a pretty cool celebration. She didn't do 60 amazing bucket list things like climbing mountain peaks or deep sea diving or forging raging rivers. Instead, she ordered... Continue Reading →

When the Muse Calls in Sick

Poetry Month - Poem A Day - No.s 6, 7, 8, 9 (and cheating) When the Muse Calls in Sick maybe she is just really tired and a little put out this whole poem a day business wasn’t her idea after all maybe she is a bit jealous all those birthday wishes and she barely... Continue Reading →

Tiny Little Nudges of Nothing

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 4 I wake up to animation and artwork and another year. Oh, and a cat licking my face and a dog’s leg across my ankle. He’d hug me if he could. I wake up wondering what on earth I will write about today. Only celebratory ideas swim... Continue Reading →

The Librarian by the Sea

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 2 The Librarian by the Sea   If that gal was a librarian she would live right by the sea she would have all the books and starfish that any old woman could need She would put her ear right up inside the deepest shell on the... Continue Reading →

Today I Will Be Brilliant

Today I will be brilliant. Not once. But all day long. Today I will not look in the mirror, wink, and say, ‘You got this kid,’ then wash my hands, dry them, leave the bathroom, and forget ever having said this as I walk back to whichever difficult task I had abandoned a few minutes... Continue Reading →

Our Faces Follow Our Hands

Some days, when I sit for my morning scribble, I read instead, go through pages, upon pages, of yesterdays' scribbles, and I highlight interesting phrases, words, sentences. Then I randomly string them together, a puzzling, a mending, a review. And, it's fun to see what happens. Just like watching Riana when she would play with... Continue Reading →

Word Jam

Word Jam Words, words, wonderful words; never enough, words are birds Rhythm, rhyme, keeping time; words are magic, before, behind Into gold, out of blue; there's not one thing that words can't do Tell me more, teach me chants; let me show you how words can dance Every letter, each dotted "i"; makes my pencil... Continue Reading →

Red! I Want that Job – Kiss Me Now!

I'm not much one for make-up. Never have been really except perhaps for those early days of adolescence. When the discovery of blue eyelids and long lashes had a timely empowering factor. I could change how I looked, quite dramatically, or subtly. But I had that power. And I was something. It was that simple. I... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Smart Women

for my girls, even Riana, who doesn't like poetry The Cranberry Line Follow the cranberry line of dawn, go home reach far, the moon is only a lost star looking for sunrise, for the saffron tide; waves like Aurora’s children on the verge of morning, stretch and rub their eyes. Be a poet. Be that... Continue Reading →

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