I believe it is a woman thing. Choking. We choke up. We choke when we laugh too hard. Or cry. We choke on our food. Or I do. Laughing and eating has led to food or drink flying straight across the table from my mouth to the face of my date. I remember this happening... Continue Reading →

The Fog and The Duck

It's rare here on the mountain. Fog. Not like Detroit. So many foggy days, foggy walks to school. Foggy drives. In 1979 my best friend Bridget and I drove in a fog so dense and large and lasted so long that we came to know it, and we named it; Fred.We were on a road... Continue Reading →

Ms., More, and On My Vanity

Some 20 years ago when it first showed up on the newsstands,┬áMore magazine made sense to me. Finally. Even in my 30s, when my skin and body were far tighter and smoother than they are now, I appreciated a fashion magazine that did not cater to the supple skin and skinny builds of starved young... Continue Reading →

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