Could Be

crow-2057872_1280April Poetry Month. Poem A Day. Challenge. No. 27

Could Be Just Another Lazy Morning in April

Could be just another day in the life
of the patient blue black bird
his weight pulls down the pine bow
he waves at me outside my window

Could be just another climb
for the eager red spider who camped
all winter in a crevice, decides
to grab the wind, write a new address

Could be the April breezes playing
rough each afternoon pushing
debris across the roof scrubbing
like something serious is going on

Could be the world’s gone crazy
again repeating news as if it was
not a sodden pattern of small words
I ride the rivulet like a raft

Could be all this light, so much
now, I rise with it, eat dinner
with it, I’m not ready for its
warmth, I wasn’t done hibernating

Could be time for that second cup
hot and strong with heavy cream
whip away this lazy spring
it cherishes my dreamy

Could be that damn black bird
returned to see me doze, kind enough
not to screech as he eyes my cold toast
Where are yesterday’s crusts?

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