Our Faces Follow Our Hands

Some days, when I sit for my morning scribble, I read instead, go through pages, upon pages, of yesterdays' scribbles, and I highlight interesting phrases, words, sentences. Then I randomly string them together, a puzzling, a mending, a review. And, it's fun to see what happens. Just like watching Riana when she would play with... Continue Reading →

It Has No Ghosts, I Promise

It is the first day of summer and my house in Flagstaff is up for sale. After six months of packing and repairing and painting and cleaning and arranging and rearranging. After seventeen wonderful years. It is now squeezed into eight hundred characters and thirty-eight photos. All that life and love we put into that... Continue Reading →

Patriotism, Playing Hookie, and What Do You Keep in Your Junk Drawer?

It is Flag Day, and I am playing hookie. There is absolutely no connection. I am merely elated (odd juxtaposition of words) to have a quiet morning alone in my temporary home in Sedona, which is a rare thing these days because I spend my weekends at my permanent home in Flagstaff, thus, I have... Continue Reading →

Night Fright

The dark air has pinned me warm sheets like batter nothing moves but the dog he hears my eyes open his nose meets mine on the edge of my crumpled bed 'what's next?' he wonders me too. The big questions take hold why now, I'm tired, they insist on answers immediate accurate, polished. I won't look, I won't.... Continue Reading →

Northern New Mexico: “Where We Wouldn’t Know Who to Hate”

Laya's hands are small, almost childlike, and she is a short woman, easily a head below me, but she seems to tower above me. It's not the first marvel. She escorts me, with a bit of a waddle, to the massage therapy room, and I think, "This is going to be good." Something about her fragrance,... Continue Reading →


Biscuits I am quite blessed to be gifted with guests who visit my life my soul and take me into their arms as warm as biscuits with sweet yellow butter a bit of honey and they say, "you’re okay, girl," and they mean it and I feel gentle again. I shall die some death some... Continue Reading →

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