Today I Will Be Brilliant

Today I will be brilliant. Not once. But all day long. Today I will not look in the mirror, wink, and say, ‘You got this kid,’ then wash my hands, dry them, leave the bathroom, and forget ever having said this as I walk back to whichever difficult task I had abandoned a few minutes... Continue Reading →

Where Does Alone Live?

All the years I pined for alone, and here she is ‘hello’ oh, hello Alone lived on the moon when hormones ruled my household, my own waning like a sweating crescent, and dueling with the girls’, rising in shimmers there was no alone Give me alone Alone had to be invited in, rarely accepted or welcomed, alone was... Continue Reading →

Trains, Planes, Let Go of Your Name

TRAINS I consider Flagstaff, Arizona as the town where I grew up, the second time. When I left Detroit and all of its big, and its loud, and its chill-you-to-the-bone winters, for Anne Marie's first relocation adventure, I didn't know how hard I would fall in love. That little town had me, hook, line, and... Continue Reading →

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