In My America

Underneath the Cottonwood Tree In My America Autumn Wins In my America only the seasonsrun for office, and they always winwith campaigns as honestas snowflakes, as sharp aslightning, clean as a mama loon’scall, each heart-rendering notea sincere promise sure to be keptas colorful as laying beneatha Cottonwood in Octoberall complication naked, abandoned,just a couple twigs... Continue Reading →

Talkin’ ’bout the Blues

They slide under calendarsswallow hard dark hours that bouncebetween solstices. Like midnight snacks. They're cold waves chompingat Arctic shorelines, they nip awayat days. Eat minutes like sea snails.Swim to the Verde and napwith herons in clipped shadows.They find me. All bony-shouldered. An old dinghytossed and turned against rusty pillowsslapped by broken oars and nightmares.Cozy in... Continue Reading →

Long Limbs, Big Heart*

for Sean and for Danny, Cindy, Brian and Gwen Sean and I at Flagstaff's annual Hullabaloo. He had just lost the mustache contest, so wrong! As I walked at the lagoons this past Thursday morning, five days after his passing, I asked Sean to show me a sign, show me some sign that he was... Continue Reading →

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