Sadness Seems Irrelevant: Losing Tilly

With all that is going on in the world, thousands upon thousands slammed by earthquakes and volcanoes; forest fires and hurricanes; flooding and tornadoes, and literally slammed, the loss of my cat seems so minimal. My tears seem irrelevant. Each time I call her or miss or or feel the tug of her absence, I... Continue Reading →

September Baby; Celebration Pie

for Riana Peach sky, and blueberry pie. My baby's birthday, she's twenty-five. A quarter century, and from that moment of birth I loved rocking her, now she's rockin' the earth. Feisty and tender, a complete painter's palette. Keen on her limits, but, oh, give her a challenge! An artist, a scientist, smart as a whip... Continue Reading →

Power Tools

for Susan Tweit It is September 15. ┬áThe sun seems to have hit snooze more often than I did. It is particularly lazy today, and has, perhaps, hesitated at the tree line across the street for hours. Not too subtle a reminder, let me tell you, that days are getting shorter, and worse yet, there... Continue Reading →

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