Make those Bones Stronger

Make Those Bones Strong Make those bones stronger than the sliver of new light, resting on the gutters along his neighbor's roof, promising another day, good or bad, another. Make those bones stronger than his dog’s, where resilience and patience reside, waiting for the jingle of the leash, a morning walk? Always happy for just another... Continue Reading →

The Moment before Next

Dang. Life keeps happening. And weather. After days and days of weirdly warm southwest weather, winter appears to have remembered this part of the map. She’d been drowsing in the memory of autumn's lush colors, no doubt. Remembering the heavy scent of the dying oak leaves, the heady fragrance of creosote in the breeze. All... Continue Reading →

Birds and Bingo, another journal poem*

Birds and Bingo She sweeps winter from the garage with a sneeze and a plume laughs hard and alone quite enamored by the middle road the question: what makes a girlfriend a girlfriend? what makes birch bark wallpaper? She sheds this skin so heavy rake the dust and debris off the beds you just know... Continue Reading →

As Fragile as an Interrupted Nap

My mother claimed, not a boast mind you, a claim, that I was independent before I was born. She may have also used the words ‘stubborn,’ ‘brat,’ or 'bold,' but mostly she referred to me as independent. Surely it was no surprise when at 21 I went west. It was always a surprise that I... Continue Reading →

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