eclipse yourself

blood moon red cavity in the sky a missing molar lunar dentistry children release teeth win fairy tale prizes, proud of the gap imagine that just dropping a limb a digit or a hip, a wrist, a twisted ankle and blooming a new one eclipse yourself become a shadow a hole in the western  sky... Continue Reading →

Thinks, Thanks, Thongs

Time for a little nostalgia, and I can't look back at one item, without reminiscing about the other.  Thongs, the kind we used to wear on our feet, that evolved into something else, well, the word did anyway, and blood. Bleeding to be exact. Menses. Messy menses. And the whole bit. So here we go. When... Continue Reading →

Three Variations of Raspberry Jam

This is the promised partner poem to "Glass in Our Tortillas." An old poem, that tells the story of food, friendship, and having daughters.  Three Variations of Raspberry Jam for Julie Each afternoon we drank atole, Julie and I, in the shadows of the descending sun and laughed, at our lives, ourselves, at her intolerance... Continue Reading →

Glass in Our Tortillas

It made for a pretty sweet parenting pleasure to arrive home to a house where I could see the vacuum wheel tracks running across the carpet like directional signs saying 'This way to clean!' And to smell the fresh red chile pork in the kitchen. 'Are we at your mom's?' I asked the girls' dad.... Continue Reading →

Love Hate

Rain.* The wet needles of it diving into my skin like a happy cactus my pores open one at a time for each prick wayfinding. Each nettle knocks the glass every headlight illuminated like a kaleidoscope of night highway line and sign even my brights won't distinguish the right way to stay far away from... Continue Reading →

Broken, in Eleven Panes

Bad Breaks We’ve all suffered a broken heart of one sort or the other. Some that seem reparable and some, not so much. From the go-on-a-few-dates-with-a-hottie-who-dumps-you after the holidays kind of broken heart, to being dumped by the gem you dated for a few years who leaves you quite suddenly. And you find yourself withering... Continue Reading →

Below please find a list of my posts based on themes, topics or other categorical things. Just click on the topic, and see what you find. Click here to return to the home page.   A Little Romance Anyone? Animals Are People Too, Dogs and Cats Anyway Death, We Just Can't Get Away from It... Continue Reading →

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