As I prepare to travel to Michigan, the place I grew up, the first time, and the place I call home, I think about this. This calling of home. What makes Michigan my home is those twenty years I lived there, barely a third of my life. Yet it is a place drilled into my... Continue Reading →


What a day it was shopping with my daughter Riana, not for anything in particular,  just spending time together. Talking, laughing, and talking more. But in the course of the day she shared magic words. Words that mothers and fathers wait for all of their parenting lives, and when they finally hear them, they think,... Continue Reading →

Only Faint in a Cute Guy’s Arms

One kiss, I was down stories grow like cloudy dawn sun breaks through like truth     via Daily Prompt: Faint image dead horse ranch state park by http://themartinsamericanadventure.com/?page_id=624

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