Word Jam

susan's redWord Jam

Words, words, wonderful words; never enough, words are birds
Rhythm, rhyme, keeping time; words are magic, before, behind
Into gold, out of blue; there’s not one thing that words can’t do
Tell me more, teach me chants; let me show you how words can dance
Every letter, each dotted “i”; makes my pencil ready to fly

Pretty please, sing all the sounds; give me rules, set the grounds
Oh, go ahead, it doesn’t matter; I don’t mind phonics, I don’t mind grammar
Enough, enough, never enough; words provide us with tons of stuff
To eat, to dream, to drink, to breathe; to bounce and scream, they give reprieve
Raucous symbols, sweet, sweet song; letters and numbers, so many, so strong
You never run out of word designs, you only run out   of     space     on      this       l i n e.

artwork by Susan B. Murray


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