The Librarian by the Sea

Vector-Architects-Seashore-Library-3Poetry Month – Poem a Day – No. 2

The Librarian by the Sea


If that gal was a librarian
she would live right by the sea
she would have all the books and starfish
that any old woman could need

She would put her ear right up inside
the deepest shell on the shore
and listen to the millions of stories there
from each corner of the world

She would put her eyes right in front
of books as old as time
She’d fill her days with poetry
with history, letters, and rhyme

Oh, if only she could live right there
and work as a keeper of books
she’d line them up in perfect order
filling the tables, the stacks, and nooks

She’d make sure the plate glass windows
were clear with light streaming through
so when the ocean brewed up a storm
well, the patrons would know what to do

There would be rocking chairs aplenty
each with an afghan of its own
hot tea, cocoa, or coffee
fresh biscuits and blueberry scones

We all know the best way to weather
even the most severe of life’s storms
it’s with our head tucked behind the pages
wrapped in a book to keep us warm

Way upstairs in the breezy loft
the place with the very best view
the walls would be lined with couches
all facing the miles of blue

There she’d hold the activities
that require absolutely no shushing
you can read or perform as loud as you’d like
you can dance, do magic, or sing

She’d invite well-known authors
teen poets or personal friends
They’d pour their words out over the sea
syllables traveling into the wind

Oh, if only she was a librarian
collecting words from sandy strolls
bringing them back to the dusty shelves
wrapping them within the folds

Her workday would not start until later
so she’d have plenty of time to write
walk the dog over dunes and beaches
and then return again at night

If only she had the money, the time
to be what she wanted to be
she’d pack up just a few things
and be a librarian by the sea.

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