Red! I Want that Job – Kiss Me Now!

alex-blajan-liops up close

I’m not much one for make-up. Never have been really except perhaps for those early days of adolescence. When the discovery of blue eyelids and long lashes had a timely empowering factor. I could change how I looked, quite dramatically, or subtly. But I had that power. And I was something. It was that simple.

I preferred pinks. Pink eyes shadows. Pink lipsticks. Pink sweaters. Maybe I wanted to look like bubblegum? Maybe I did? And if I did I could, and that was my choice, dammit. Pop!

But it all grew silly? Took too much time? The ritual of it grew tiresome at any rate, although pink was still my choice when I went out dancing. ‘Clubbing’ as they call it now. Or is it called something else already? Jeez.

I threw away a heap of color palettes and small brushes recently. The whole lot of it smelled a bit funny. What on earth do they put in that stuff?

I still like an occasional color fest upon my lips. And I certainly enjoyed watching my little sisters and my daughters make the same discovery of self. I was somewhat alerted to how young we look when we first paint our faces, experiment with colors and effects. Or, how old?

Anyway, it’s always a treat to ponder the make up aisle at a drugstore.  I am not a marketer, or a wearer of make up, but how fun to be ‘the namer of lipsticks’ or ‘manager of nail polish titles’.

I want that job. So here goes.

Some of these are found, some are mine. Ideas? Share your favorite or made up names for lipsticks!

Kiss me Now.
Light Flames.
Thinking of You.
Almost Pink.
Broken Heart.

Stop By Later.
Yesterday’s Roses.
Forgive Me.

Sunset Kiss.
Inside Out.
Prickly Pear.

One More Time.
No Apologies.
Scottish Plaid.
My Ember.

Rubies are Shy.
Friday Night.
Dancing Shoes.
Watching You.

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