When the Muse Calls in Sick


Poetry Month – Poem A Day – No.s 6, 7, 8, 9 (and cheating)

When the Muse Calls in Sick

maybe she is just really tired
and a little put out
this whole poem a day business
wasn’t her idea after all

maybe she is a bit jealous
all those birthday wishes
and she barely gets a like
or a view or a notice no
matter how many posts
and what about that 100th post celebration
what happened to that?

maybe she needs a rest
there is no vacation for a muse
she works the hardest beside oceans
deep in forests, watching the world
from a road trip window
she is 24/7 and receives
no overtime or benefits or perks
just produce, produce, produce

maybe she feels unnoticed
page upon page of prose
poems, waning philosophic
and for what, for what?
it all gets called blather
and collects dust in plastic
bins or sits restlessly
preserved in some byte tote

maybe she will threaten to quit
demand more attention more
encouragement more praise
more rework and at least
proofreading for heaven’s sake
what do I take her for
some bimbo who doesn’t know the difference
between dual and duel

maybe it is simply too much
to assign her to work while I sleep
work while I work, work
while I walk hike wonder
or wander go here, rush there
hurry up and be profound
prophetic, poetic and find
a rhyme or two while I just go about
my business

maybe I should give her this one
let her off the hook
snooze a bit nap catch a few z’s
no expectations no demands
no ‘hurry up and be more’
messages just let her rest

maybe I should not be the bully
boss the big bad Anne Marie
and let Ms. Shannon O’Malley
just hit snooze
until the proverbial cows
or poems as it may be
come home

shannon o'malley 2

Shannon O’Malley by Riana Johnson
Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash

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