Divorce in Two Poems, or Two Kisses as it Were, Second Person

April is Poetry Month. Poetry Challenge. Poem a Day. Nos 29 and 30. El Fin. Kiss Away May You put our kiss away tucked it in a drawer below rolled socks, old Valentines and a couple of quarters; underneath that newspaper with Bridget’s picture on it and your Boy Scout scarf. You put our kiss... Continue Reading →

Louder than the Hummingbirds

April Is Poetry Month. Poem A Day Challenge. No. 28 Louder than the Hummingbirds Jill paid a surprise visit last night arriving with Jay, a bottle of wine a pile of poems and a cooling story about a guy from Alaska who couldn't meet her downtown after all. We sat in the twilight of early... Continue Reading →

Could Be

April Poetry Month. Poem A Day. Challenge. No. 27 Could Be Just Another Lazy Morning in April Could be just another day in the life of the patient blue black bird his weight pulls down the pine bow he waves at me outside my window Could be just another climb for the eager red spider... Continue Reading →

Approaching Storm

Poetry Month. Poem A Day. No. 26      for the girls from decades ago As quiet as snow you arrive at my pillow frightened by the storms that jolt your elbows, that won't release you, they cloud your little girl soul My breath drapes you sill to ceiling back to infancy late night feedings... Continue Reading →

Let Me Elaborate

April is Poetry Month; Poem A Day; No. 25 Let Me Elaborate from early morning journal entries I dream I watch him run in the most beautiful teal silk lingerie. I dream of not pulling out my ChapStick although my lips feel shriveled. Nor do I take a seat when my hip feels pummeled but... Continue Reading →

Readying for Next

April is Poetry Month, poem a day, No. 24 Readying for Next The summer swing still leans like an old man with a crooked back certain that with a little adjustment he could rock and soothe a child or lover. The fence remains in ill repair planks pop with the dog’s jump the snow, or... Continue Reading →

The Poet and the Pilot

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, No. 23 The Poet and the Pilot       a sonnet for Richard V I cannot talk myself out of loving you, no matter how hard I try, and I do. You say, between kisses and games of cribbage, “An unlikely pairing;” I think “Kismet.” You argue straight-faced with... Continue Reading →

Torture, Cancer, Betrayal, and Flight, Four Poems

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, Poem Nos 18, 19, 20, and 21 Scavenger’s Daughter Their marriage was like a scavenger’s daughter, each day the pressure greater, doubling her heartache. She was broken, her ears bled. He said he’d let up. It was just that he hated his boss, job, dog, car, kids, the mayor. As... Continue Reading →

The Twelfth Fret

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, No. 17 The Twelfth Fret for Sandra The bridge was wide enough only for one dog and me, it crosses an arroyo chiseled out of the red earth like a wound needing sutures and waiting for the flood. “D’ya see those concrete blocks?” a hiker asked waiting for me to... Continue Reading →

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