wordsmith-logo-shannon-omalley-headshot-2Anne Marie, here, to provide poems and perhaps other daily, or not so daily, musings. Because it is what I do: provide such things. I’ve done so for pretty much all of my life but usually to a small laptop screen in a dimly lit office watching the sunrise. Well, that is nowadays. Somewhere in the deluge of boxes and files in my garage, I have dozens of handwritten notebooks. Pre-laptop life. I’m putting a little light on the subject, so to speak. I will, perhaps, be brave enough to hit publish. And then these poems and other words are yours to enjoy. Read, remember, put in your pocket. Oh, and the photos are either mine, as bad as they are, or from Pixabay.com (thank you and if no credits appear, they’re coming soon), or they are from other sources and credited. The logo, designed for my muse, Shannon O’Malley, was created by my daughter, Riana Johnson.

Thanks for reading, please share.

Anne Marie Mackler


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