Measure Me

Measure Me (From scraps on the dash board.) Measure me with pie with hands like a horse with a protractor circle me with the absence of approval point me in the direction of next or blueberries Measure me with poetry published or piled like primrose opening only at night patient in the darkness drawing goddesses... Continue Reading →

Let Me Elaborate

April is Poetry Month; Poem A Day; No. 25 Let Me Elaborate from early morning journal entries I dream I watch him run in the most beautiful teal silk lingerie. I dream of not pulling out my ChapStick although my lips feel shriveled. Nor do I take a seat when my hip feels pummeled but... Continue Reading →

When the Muse Calls in Sick

Poetry Month - Poem A Day - No.s 6, 7, 8, 9 (and cheating) When the Muse Calls in Sick maybe she is just really tired and a little put out this whole poem a day business wasn’t her idea after all maybe she is a bit jealous all those birthday wishes and she barely... Continue Reading →

The Monokini, or Explaining the Election

Poetry Month, Poem A Day Challenge, Poem No. 5 Explaining the Election We are a people who, in 1964, when Rudi Gernreich, Austrian fashion designer, invented the topless bikini and called it the monokini,* went for it. Well, half of us did. "It is feminist." "It is objectification." It is an etymological error. Gernreich received... Continue Reading →

My Green Dodge Dart

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 3 My Green Dodge Dart Didn't make me cool I had no envious friends Got to work on time Image by, p.s. not really an image of the car I owned.  

The Librarian by the Sea

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 2 The Librarian by the Sea   If that gal was a librarian she would live right by the sea she would have all the books and starfish that any old woman could need She would put her ear right up inside the deepest shell on the... Continue Reading →

Pulling Hard to be the Alpha Dog

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 1 Pulling Hard to be the Alpha Dog for Patrick He refuses bad knees calloused elbows missing teeth hurries along the rocky trail determined to overtake everyone ahead of us view, what view? There’s leading to do. Until we stop wander a bit off the path pull... Continue Reading →

Today I Will Be Brilliant

Today I will be brilliant. Not once. But all day long. Today I will not look in the mirror, wink, and say, ‘You got this kid,’ then wash my hands, dry them, leave the bathroom, and forget ever having said this as I walk back to whichever difficult task I had abandoned a few minutes... Continue Reading →

Birds and Bingo, another journal poem*

Birds and Bingo She sweeps winter from the garage with a sneeze and a plume laughs hard and alone quite enamored by the middle road the question: what makes a girlfriend a girlfriend? what makes birch bark wallpaper? She sheds this skin so heavy rake the dust and debris off the beds you just know... Continue Reading →

Life Is Only a Borrowing of Bones, a journal poem

I journal, somewhat obsessively. Nearly every morning. The sunrise and me. I write. It rises. I have had this partnership with the rising sun since I was a wee little thing. My day is just not right if I don't begin it writing. (And funny, the day wouldn't be right if the sun didn't rise!)... Continue Reading →

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