Only One Place

Only One Place Not in our bed on a cool morning where I watched the gentle rise of your chest slow and in time to the dreams you never remembered where you always asked for mine could recall each one and match it to a crease on my face or curve of my hip Not... Continue Reading →

Go on a Kiss Adventure

  Every kiss adventure begins with one kiss. The first one. First kisses, as in the first time you kiss a person whom you have never kissed, as in a kiss kiss--not a grandma’s peck or baby’s burble, although those are pretty wonderful--but the first kiss with your crush. First kiss with your date. Your... Continue Reading →

The Poet and the Pilot

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, No. 23 The Poet and the Pilot       a sonnet for Richard V I cannot talk myself out of loving you, no matter how hard I try, and I do. You say, between kisses and games of cribbage, “An unlikely pairing;” I think “Kismet.” You argue straight-faced with... Continue Reading →

Torture, Cancer, Betrayal, and Flight, Four Poems

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, Poem Nos 18, 19, 20, and 21 Scavenger’s Daughter Their marriage was like a scavenger’s daughter, each day the pressure greater, doubling her heartache. She was broken, her ears bled. He said he’d let up. It was just that he hated his boss, job, dog, car, kids, the mayor. As... Continue Reading →

Only Faint in a Cute Guy’s Arms

One kiss, I was down stories grow like cloudy dawn sun breaks through like truth     via Daily Prompt: Faint image dead horse ranch state park by

Like A Goldfish

It's Bridget's birthday today. So for her, I'll post something different. The opening of a short story: "Fold and Gish," a coming of age tale. Not about youth getting older, but older folks becoming alone. It's a look at the empty nest. I wrote this long before I had one, an empty nest that is,... Continue Reading →

First Storm

The first winter storm rolled in yesterday. It rained all evening, and into the night. Storms like this warm the air a bit, and I slept with my window open, listening to the rain all night long. My high desert mountain life takes me, every day, away from the wet lake life I lived in... Continue Reading →

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