The Poet and the Pilot

sedona fr the skyPoetry Month, Poem A Day, No. 23

The Poet and the Pilot
      a sonnet for Richard V

I cannot talk myself out of loving you,
no matter how hard I try, and I do.
You say, between kisses and games of cribbage,
“An unlikely pairing;” I think “Kismet.”

You argue straight-faced with my poetry.
I fact check your sources diligently.
We love words, conversation, oh, to be right,
to listen to Barber’s adagio at night.

You negotiate clouds, quote Schofield or pleadings.
I steer images, bake pastries, give readings.
Reluctant, we navigate smoothly-etched sorrow;
leave vulnerable tight, tucked into bravado.

We revel this comfort, about-face the past,
pirouette with grace this improbable match.

Photo by me, flying over Sedona, Arizona

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