Online Dating at 60?

river in late fall

No. 1*

Online Dating at 60?

She watches the javelina’s nose
breathe against the glass
puffs of steam like cotton
batting as if the black
snouted beast
had every intention
of staying through
sunrise right there
beside her abelia.

Her ballerina legs
tendu with just a trace
of leftover length, of grace
like pink tights drying
on the clothesline
obedient to the pin
tapping with the wind
not from her own strength
or the tutu’s.

She is not alone
there are pets
and not lonely
but a loan
is in order
short or long term
she’d borrow
one kiss
twice, two
more thrice and
definitely dreams
told over coffee
like a freshly
the final deal she’d negotiate
would include coffee
and walks along
the river.

Half naked
he watches morning
its bovine critters
how they scurry away
from her window
like New Years joggers
slow and ambitious
ready for next
he’d suit up himself
if the day
wasn’t dedicated
to the lady
the loan.

She is still laying down
her dreams
she’ll smell
the Café Bustelo
soon, no sugar
but cream so heavy
it will be as if
it intended
to stay
right through sunrise
or longer.

He’ll walk a long
river with her, creak
in the knees
a bit, she will leap
ahead, lightly,
over exposed roots
tattered tights beneath
her torn old Levis
not holding
his hand


*first of poems inspired by the backwards bucket list
Verde River image by me


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