Plight of the Introvert

armadillo squarearmadillo squarearmadillo square

Plight of the Introvert

Balled up like an armadillo
fisted claws below my chin
I stare straight at my belly
it’s empty again
hollow as my foraged nest
my view until breakfast

Coyote struts away, pillager
he spilled my cache
What’s he want with ants
or grasshopper stew?
Mere appetizers
lucky you.

Curled up and hungry
for safety, mostly
for cozy moments
more than my banded armor
can offer, just a decoy
for independence, a nuisance
for coyote molars
he snapped, but I ran
I rolled, I showed him–
you want to play hard ball?
Missed dinner again

Heavy shields crisscross
my back, the layered puzzle
creaks each time I bend
sighs when I’m finally tucked in
dreaming dinner
maggots maybe
a beetle or two
I’ll dig deeper next time
bow out sooner
next time.

Tough as a marble
I mumble to my tail
patting me on the shoulder
sleep tight, little one.

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3 thoughts on “Plight of the Introvert

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  1. I loved this poem. As an introvert, I can appreciate the humour associated with the analogy. I especially loved the lines,
    “he snapped, but I ran
    I rolled, I showed him–
    you want to play hard ball?
    Missed dinner again”


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