There Lives a Wish in Anguish

The New York Times published a bit last month about languishing. How so many of us are stuck in an odd limbo, a languishing, a time in which we are not necessarily thrilled about anything, or not much anyway. And a time in which we are not quite in that state of panic or surprise,... Continue Reading →

Where Have You (I) Been? or Haikus on Joy

Where Have You Been? Please tell me the days of CovInsanity have not ripped away your hope, or your health, or, heaven forbid, your loved ones. For me, the tug at my positive outlook on the world, the one I eventually return to after days of down or blue or even bluer, has been as... Continue Reading →

Tax Season Surprise

Eat Taxes for Dinner Ten years of 1040s nibbled by the tiniest of tiny teeth like zippers that traveled back and forth across the top of my marital status my earnings, my dependents, my citizenry and found home. My cold cabinet in the gray garage made warm in even the harshest of mountain winters by pipsqueaks who... Continue Reading →

Plight of the Introvert

Plight of the Introvert Balled up like an armadillo fisted claws below my chin I stare straight at my belly it’s empty again hollow as my foraged nest my view until breakfast Coyote struts away, pillager he spilled my cache What’s he want with ants or grasshopper stew? Mere appetizers lucky you. Curled up and... Continue Reading →

Pulling Hard to be the Alpha Dog

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 1 Pulling Hard to be the Alpha Dog for Patrick He refuses bad knees calloused elbows missing teeth hurries along the rocky trail determined to overtake everyone ahead of us view, what view? There’s leading to do. Until we stop wander a bit off the path pull... Continue Reading →

Conversation with Blue

You bathe at the banks of the Verde River, Blue, you strike a deep note beside the muddy timber of green reeds that don't hide you when you leave. Those wings reach the edges of my curiosity and I am only brave enough to inquire of your disappearing shadow: "Why do I wait for next, Blue?... Continue Reading →

Sadness Seems Irrelevant: Losing Tilly

With all that is going on in the world, thousands upon thousands slammed by earthquakes and volcanoes; forest fires and hurricanes; flooding and tornadoes, and literally slammed, the loss of my cat seems so minimal. My tears seem irrelevant. Each time I call her or miss or or feel the tug of her absence, I... Continue Reading →

Bear, Beauty, Bannon, and Making Sense of Animal Dreams

Bear. I dream of grizzlies. Living with them, loving them, talking to them. Polar bears, too. All kinds of bears. They have appeared in my dreams so many times over the years I lose track. A totem? An ally? I don't know. I have dreamed that someone gave me bears to tend as I would my... Continue Reading →

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