Move the Shoes

"Move the shoes," Thom Sherratt told me. I was 25, newly married, and my husband and I were in counseling. We needed it. We used each other to argue with our own cast of demons, those that crept nightly into our dreams, born of one dysfunction or another, and most of them articulate, funny, and... Continue Reading →

Rules of Racism, or How to Be a White Kid with Black Kids

I grew up in Detroit in a big Catholic family in a big old house. I was the seventh child. We belonged to St.Mary's of Redford Parish. By the time I was in seventh grade, our school was integrated, or in the process thereof. The Parish and neighborhoods were changing. Blacks lived next to Whites.... Continue Reading →

The Friendly Introvert

I know many introverts. I walk on the edge of introversion myself, and most people who know me, scoff at the idea. "You? An introvert? What?" But those who know me well, know that yes, I am, actually, and happy to have come to grips with this aspect of my personality that I grappled with... Continue Reading →

Burn the Bedlam, a Sestina

In these days of rage and reflection, I question everything, everything more than I ever have. One question, always gnawing at the loaf of bread that may be my brain is 'why do I write?' And now, blog. Answering this questions is a life's work for many writers, why? What drives us to do it?... Continue Reading →

No More Snoozin’

Have I been asleep? Just hitting the snooze alarm? Over and over and over. For years? I see my girls passionately┬ábeing activists. Where did I go? Things I rallied for as a young woman were obtained. Not everything. Not perfection. By far. But so much so that maybe I sat down. Maybe I went to... Continue Reading →

We Try to Matter

We Try to Matter We try to preserve it, our story, we try┬áto matter. Life is a series of little attempts. Not just now, but forever, we believe that slick technology or really rich posole, or the right lover at the right hour with the right. . . what ? . . . astrology sign... Continue Reading →


Teach your children well. Let them know when to protest, when to pray. If sink or swim are the options, tell them to swim. Always. Teach your children well. Make mistakes, but own them. Make cookies. Lots of them. Make rules, and bend them carefully and only if necessary. Teach your children well. Trust them.... Continue Reading →

‘The Root Canal’

  Having someone's hands in your mouth is one of the most unfortunate, and memorable, experiences of a lifetime. Whether it frightens you to death, or simply reminds you of but another tedium of modern medicine, when that practitioner dons those nightmare blue latex gloves, wiggles their fingers into them tightly, and casually says 'open... Continue Reading →

You Must Be an Angel Now

Years ago when we lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in a wonderful little adobe house with two rosebushes, a pomegranate tree, and an apricot tree that hung over the neighbor's fence into our yard (and with fruit, location is ownership, right?), many of the neighbors had suns hanging on the porches or on the... Continue Reading →

Unless You’re Dying

I had a boss once who, when I knocked on her door to wish her well on her vacation, looked up, and said, "Anne Marie, unless you are dying, I do not have time for you." Well, what else could I do after that but write a poem? So I did. Unless You're Dying* for... Continue Reading →

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