Spring Is

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, No. 16 Spring Is Butterflies as big as my hand Lilacs enough for the neighborhood Yellow sheets twisted around the clothesline Horny cormorants showing off at the lagoon A brass fish hook wedged in between paw pads Four skinny calves following mum across the pasture Waking up early to light... Continue Reading →

A Threefer*

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, Nos. 13, 14, 15 Mockingbird Noisy old girl alone with your songs sitting in a rocking chair on a starry night whistling on a branch jabbering like an old girlfriend carrying on and on in conversations nobody really listens to you maybe the moon or me staying up past my... Continue Reading →

An Ode to My Mom’s Scones

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, No. 12 An Ode to My Mom's Scones Not quite a cake, much less investment not nearly as ordinary or typical as toast. Doesn't matter if you do, or if you don't dress it guarantees pleasure for hand, mouth and nose. The Irish claim it, the British take credit, but... Continue Reading →

Get Off the Phone! A Pantoum

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, No. 11 Get Off the Phone! A Pantoum Tripping across the long blue cable strung across the carpet like a snake someone has taken the phone to their room what secrets do her whispers make? Strung across the carpet like a snake I follow the wrung-out telephone cord secrets whisper,... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Believe in Much

Poetry Month, Poem A Day, No. 10 I Don't Believe in Much I don’t believe in much of anything religious I’m like clay that way waiting for the right hand to shape a story from the mound of possibilities one where I can see the sense of it from each angle from above and below... Continue Reading →

When the Muse Calls in Sick

Poetry Month - Poem A Day - No.s 6, 7, 8, 9 (and cheating) When the Muse Calls in Sick maybe she is just really tired and a little put out this whole poem a day business wasn’t her idea after all maybe she is a bit jealous all those birthday wishes and she barely... Continue Reading →

The Monokini, or Explaining the Election

Poetry Month, Poem A Day Challenge, Poem No. 5 Explaining the Election We are a people who, in 1964, when Rudi Gernreich, Austrian fashion designer, invented the topless bikini and called it the monokini,* went for it. Well, half of us did. "It is feminist." "It is objectification." It is an etymological error. Gernreich received... Continue Reading →

Tiny Little Nudges of Nothing

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 4 I wake up to animation and artwork and another year. Oh, and a cat licking my face and a dog’s leg across my ankle. He’d hug me if he could. I wake up wondering what on earth I will write about today. Only celebratory ideas swim... Continue Reading →

My Green Dodge Dart

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 3 My Green Dodge Dart Didn't make me cool I had no envious friends Got to work on time Image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/544302304938296039/?lp=true, p.s. not really an image of the car I owned.  

The Librarian by the Sea

Poetry Month - Poem a Day - No. 2 The Librarian by the Sea   If that gal was a librarian she would live right by the sea she would have all the books and starfish that any old woman could need She would put her ear right up inside the deepest shell on the... Continue Reading →

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