Love Hate


The wet needles of it
diving into my skin
like a happy cactus
my pores open
one at a time
for each prick

Each nettle knocks the glass
every headlight illuminated
like a kaleidoscope of night
highway line and sign
even my brights
won’t distinguish the right
way to stay far away
from slip and slick and danger.

Post-storm sunrise
offers billows of gray bathing
the eastern sky, hooded by peach
and pleased with a job well done
puddles reflect orange stripes
pointing clearly to morning
and safety.**

*In the southwest, rain is an amazing and rare thing. Like sunshine, I suppose to the northwest, or even Detroit.

**2018 – I’m on poem-a-day challenge, here is an early morning musing, just for fun.

Thanks for the image: Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


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