Love Hate

Rain.* The wet needles of it diving into my skin like a happy cactus my pores open one at a time for each prick wayfinding. Each nettle knocks the glass every headlight illuminated like a kaleidoscope of night highway line and sign even my brights won't distinguish the right way to stay far away from... Continue Reading →

Dark Windows Dark Dark

I feel the day’s brevity like sleeves too short when I was fifteen and my wrists were exposed to Detroit’s dull December I pulled down the seams but they would not stretch any further nor would my gloves come up. I feel the day’s brevity and yawn like a bear thinking ‘it must be time’... Continue Reading →

Nothing to Rely on but October

Nothing to Rely on but October Crisp wood in the shed like a story snipped from July secrets retold in tall columns seasoned logs waiting for slow death no sap or water, a simple bit of fragrance cedar or aspen, or loss, for kindling Left to weather the elements alone no more refined than any other... Continue Reading →

Stress is an Odd Bear

Stress is an odd bear. Ferocious. Hungry. But there must be some perception of cuteness about it. For we treat it like a teddy bear. Take it to bed with us. Cuddle it. Hold it when we wake up in the dark. Share it with friends. Family. It is always there for us. Whenever we... Continue Reading →


Skunked Sky as soft as a good night’s sleep pinks like pillows and dreams the ones you don’t need to remember. The air is absent and invisible no burn or chill, not a rustle no risk, just a river guarded by reeds and miles of possibility. The sun sets early here, slips behind the black... Continue Reading →

Conversation with Blue

You bathe at the banks of the Verde River, Blue, you strike a deep note beside the muddy timber of green reeds that don't hide you when you leave. Those wings reach the edges of my curiosity and I am only brave enough to inquire of your disappearing shadow: "Why do I wait for next, Blue?... Continue Reading →


Everything sings pink this morning where has August gone? Sunflowers light the sky long after sunset summer’s last song Autumn’s chill settles softly now across my pillow and chin September sits so patiently I’ll bring the heavy quilt in.

Throw Rugs Like Insurance

Throw Rugs Like insurance they seem to cover so little no matter how big or ornate they lay; dust bunnies hover about, forever waiting for cleaning rolling sweeping it under. They collect a bit of the day’s dirt or a boot’s drips, the remnants of a monsoon or blizzard soaked into an intricate Mexican print... Continue Reading →

Raising Feminists

I didn't know I was doing it until I had done it. It's like going on a new hike, a bit of a mystery. You leave the trail head with a little trepidation. Can I do this? You've looked at the map. It makes sense. (Always a worry.) You wonder how steep the climbs will... Continue Reading →

It Has No Ghosts, I Promise

It is the first day of summer and my house in Flagstaff is up for sale. After six months of packing and repairing and painting and cleaning and arranging and rearranging. After seventeen wonderful years. It is now squeezed into eight hundred characters and thirty-eight photos. All that life and love we put into that... Continue Reading →

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