The Three of Us

thirty toes just thirty toes adorned in inches of color and sole ten climb naked no matter the cold ten spin shiny in patent and bold pointed and pricey and ready to go the ten toes I know the very best they ground our dance, assure we rest under the covers or peaking from fur... Continue Reading →

Floating and Holes

  Oh, this death talk. This rainy November morning brings it on. The piercing orange sunrise lining the horizon. All Souls Day, Di de los Muertos. This time of year makes me nostalgic and calm at once. When the trees shed their wares. Secrets are revealed. Leaves float to the street or creek. Through the... Continue Reading →

Alive but Not Living

Leaves and needles hide the trail boulders just trip hazards now. Watch out. Watch for life. Acorns. Cones and needles. And death. We think it is other. Life. Something other than this. Than what we live. Or lose. It isn't. Obscurity and autumn, secrets tease early winter waiting beneath ankles slipping or twisting. Forest debris thick with leaves that have all... Continue Reading →

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